Energy efficiency is closely tied to Silent Guard's acoustical noise reducing windows and doors. Here we highlight the benefits of the Low-E glass used in our products.

Energy Star Partner

To ensure our Silent Guard® Acoustical Windows provide you with superior energy savings, high-performance Low-E Glass is provided as a standard feature on all Silent Guard® Series acoustical products. This feature helps to ensure every Silent Guard® window is Energy Star compliant. For more information about Energy Star, visit their website.






Low-E Glass Technology

Low-E Glass is coated with a virtually invisible layer of silver that reflects radiant solar energy while permitting visible light to pass through the glass. In cold, winter climates, the Low-E Glass keeps rooms warmer by reflecting heat back into the home while letting warm, solar rays in. In hot, summer temperatures, the Low-E Glass lets visible light pass while reducing the infrared and ultraviolet radiant solar energy that enters. So your rooms stay cooler and you save on precious energy costs. As an added bonus, because Low-E Glass blocks radiant solar energy, room furnishings will be better protected from fading or discoloration.


In the summer, Low-E Glass reflects the sun's energy away from your home for cooler inside temperatures.


In the winter, Low-E Glass lets warm solar rays in and keeps the heat inside your home.